Employee Recruitment
Super Shine / Oakdale’s continued success provides many opportunities for advancement and promotion from within and we are able to attract qualified, experienced cleaners who require a stable job with regularly scheduled hours.

The majority of our staff is referred to us by word of mouth and the vast majority of our new hires are familiar to current employees.

Employee Selection/Orientation
New employees receive a comprehensive orientation to their new company. A brief background of our company is given and than they are fitted for their uniforms and a photograph for their I.D. badge is taken.

A complete and comprehensive orientation ensures that the new employee quickly becomes comfortable with the needs of your site and how to address those needs effectively.

Each employee receives a full orientation covering:
   • Providing adequate wage - Hours of work – break time    • Building security Procedures – sign-in-out
   • Review of duties & job description
   • Tour areas to be cleaned
   • Demonstrate correct sequence for Light Duty & Heavy Duty Cleaning
   • Proper lifting procedures
   • Show correct product and equipment use
   • WHMIS Training
   • Quality Assurance and inspection process Introduction
   • Be courteous to all personnel

Employee Development
We are constantly striving to improve our employees, supervisory personnel and management team. We are devoted to promote professionalism within our cleaning staff and our objective is to provide better customer service and improve quality:
   • Self improvement and employee moral
   • Efficiency and production
   • Reduce employee turnover & absenteeism
   • Improve quality of work

Employee Retention
We motivate our employees by recognizing our personnel in the following ways:
   • Providing adequate wages
   • Providing thorough on-site training
   • Work sites within reasonable distance from home
   • Working hours suitable to each person’s needs
   • Creating a positive working environment at each location
   • Providing outstanding supervision
   • Recognizing our employees for their years of service and for outstanding performance.

Employee Benefits
The following is a list of comprehensive benefits we offer our employees.
   • Providing Health and welfare plan for employees through EHT
   • Paid holidays
   • Paid vacations
   • Uniforms supplied
   • Worker's Safety and Insurance
   • Bereavement leave
   • Opportunity for advancement;

Team Environment
We strive to create an environment of true teamwork that is free of fear and allows our Employees to feel that they belong to the Super Shine / Oakdale family.
   • Employee recognition for excellent work
   • On site Christmas parties
   • Recognition for years of service
   • Company picnics


Our approach to retail space and shopping centers is unique.


We have extensive experience in the particular needs of commercial & institutional housekeeping.


Super Shine Representatives work together with our customers in order

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