Sustainability Standards

Super Shine employ cleaning methods that emphasize the removal of indoor pollutants and maintaining a safe and healthy environment while minimizing the amount of product used and the amount of waste that is created in compliance with the Provincial Green Cleaning Policy. Products include general purpose cleaners, bathroom cleaners, glass cleaners, carpet cleaners, disinfectants, floor care products, hand soaps, paper supplies for cleaning and paper supplies for bathrooms. Super Shine institute a cleaning program that adheres to the requirements set forth by the Canada Green Building Council’s LEED® for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance (LEED EB:O&M) rating system Super Shine uses products that comply with requirements for Indoor Environmental Quality Credits 3.3 and 3.4 for the following LEED EB: O&M for the following areas: Cleaning Products, Disposable Janitorial Products, Floor Care Products and Equipment.

Cleaning Products
    1. Green Seal GS-37 for general purpose, bathroom, glass, and carpet cleaners used for industrial and institutional purposes.

   2. Environmental Choice CCD-110 for cleaning and degreasing compounds

   3. Environmental Choice CCD-146 for hard surfaces

   4. Environmental Choice CCD-148 for carpet and upholstery care Disinfectants, metal polish, floor finishes, strippers, or other products not addressed by the above standards shall meet the following standards for the appropriate category:

   1. Green Seal GS-40 for industrial and institutional floor care products

   2. Environmental Choice CCD-112 for digestion additives for cleaning and odour control

   3. Environmental Choice CCD-115 for odour control additives

   4. Environmental Choice CCD-147 for hard floor care hand soap

   1. No antimicrobial agents (other than as a preservative) except where required by health codes and other regulations

   2. Green Seal GS-41 for industrial and institutional hand cleaners

   3. Environmental Choice CCD-104 for hand cleaners and hand soaps when available, chemical concentrates dispensed from closed dilution systems are used as alternatives to open dilution systems or non-concentrated products.

Disposable Janitorial Products
Disposable paper products and trash bags:
   1. Plastic waste and recycling liners with no less than 10% post-consumer recycled content

   2. Green Seal GS-09 for paper towels and napkins

   3. Green Seal GS-01 for tissue paper

   4. Environmental Choice CCD-082 for toilet tissue

   5. Environmental Choice CCD-086 for hand towels


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